Friday, June 13, 2014

Simple Hair Care Tips Offer Mane Benefit

Rumor has it that in the Garden of Eden, Eve had thick, shiny, healthy hair.  She loved her texture and didn't have to spend hours styling her mane.  News Flash:  You don't live in the Garden of Eden. So while I can't guarantee anything nearly as amazing as Eve's hair, let's just say these tips can at least point you in the right direction.
proven hair care tips
SO YOU…Want to Camouflage Damaged Hair?
If you aren't deep conditioning regularly then you really should be.  Sure a daily conditioning is a great way to hide the minor blemishes found in your tresses.  But you aren't doing anything to cure the underlying causes.  Whereas a deep conditioner has the chops, read ingredients, to super hydrate your locks.  For example panthenol can fill in the gaps in your strands that result from excessive heat styling.  Any essential oils lock in the moisture.  Not to mention the repairing agents bond to your strands so don't all rinse out.  They leave behind a smoothing coat that not only helps your hair to look better, they will continue work to shore up weakened parts of your strands. 

And if you have fine hair and avoid heavy products as they can weigh down your locks, relax.  There are conditioners available that actually offer body boosting potential and proteins that can improve the health of your strands.  If you are really worried, you can always apply to wetter hair which works to water down the amount of product applied.  Oh and if you are desperately needing help for fine hair hairstyles the article at the other end of that link might be helpful?

SO YOU….Want a fresh look for the summer? 
If you want a carefree cut consider a long bob.  A jagged cut that leaves strands grazing your shoulder it's not a short cut exactly but may be a shorter length than you've had.  It's a great wash and go look leaving more time for fun in the sun. 

SO YOU…Need a New Flat Iron
You might call this better styling through technology.  And the best and brightest flat iron tech going happens to be ceramic plates.  You want those to conduct heat evenly.  These do.  You want your hair to glide over them smoothly. It will.  This is the safest way to style your hair with a flat iron as there are no hot spots on these plates. 

SO YOU….Want to Add Some Perk to Your Pony?
A perky pony is a quick and breezy way to wear your hair during those long lazy summer days (although a messy bun can be cute too).  Problem is sometimes yours tends to lose its bounce before it's time to retire for the day.  Here a way to insure the perkiness holds all day.  When pulling your hair back raise your chin up.  We naturally lower it when pulling our hair back. If you can avoid that, when you lower it after you've tied your hair back, you'll feel the slightest tightening which will help yours avoid any late day droopiness. 

healthy hair care
SO YOU….Want to Know More About Bobby Pins
Okay so maybe you don't.  Sue me.  Truth is too many don't know how to use these handy hair holders right.  For one, the ripply side should be the side that rests on your scalp, not the smooth straight side.  If the legs of the pin criss cross, pitch it.  It's no longer up to the task. And if you insert them so the opening is down, your hair will eventually slide out.  Which is why you always want to have the open end pointing up.  Finally if you really want them to be super gripy, coat them with dry shampoo. 

SO YOU…Want To Break The Terry Cloth Towel Habit
Try using paper towel to dry your hair.  I had seen this suggested but never tried it.  But it works.  These thirsty moisture magnets suck the water out of your strands like there is no tomorrow.  I like Viva myself.  Simply take a section of hair and squeeze it into a paper towel.  Wring the towel out so you can do a few sections.  The better ones stand up to repeated usage.  So throw in the towel and move onto something more absorbent. 

SO YOU…Only Need Wash Your Bangs
Time spent playing volley ball when the mercury rises can mean sweaty hair.  If only your bangs or the hair framing your face wilts under the heat and competitive play do a quick wash.  Cover as much of your hair as you need to not wash and pin it into place with bobby pins.  Any exposed hair can be lathered up and refreshed without an all time consuming wash. 

SO YOU…Want to Give Your Hair a Styling Tool Break?
Park the hot tools for the summer if you can.  I know, what's up with this after the bit about the ceramic plates.  The idea is to make your day to day styles hot styling tool free.  Besides it's hot enough without enduring time under all that heat.  Of course that doesn't mean being